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Friday: Staying dry with sunny spells after a chilly start. Cloudier across western and northern parts, with some showers. Temperatures near or a little below normal

Saturday Central and eastern areas staying dry, with sunny spells after a frosty start. Western areas mainly cloudy, light rain in places. Temperatures near or a little below normal.

The fundamental reason and purpose of this site is to serve the Muslim community in the Untied Kingdom by providing them up-to-date information about mosques, prayer  timings and Islamic events in UK. This is purely and emphatically an informative site with resolutely no political intentions and motives. This site is not affiliated with any political or religious party/group nor does it support or promote extremism or intolerance. 

Future Plans
Currently this site has only English version but we plan to provide
important  information in some other languages as well.

Some of the features of our future plans include;
 (1) Islamic Audio (Azaan, Verses of Holy Quran, etc.) 
 (2) Live coverage of Jumma prayer from Makkah 
 (3) Live coverage of Hajj from Makkah

Send Us Your Valuable Comments and Suggestions
It is our belief that the success of this site is fully dependent on your kind co-operation and contributions. And, indeed, it is one such partnership which provides foundations for any successful project.

We would therefore,  like all our visitors to send us their valuable
comments and share their views, suggestions so that we could make this site even more efficient, informative and useful. We also appeal to visitors to support us by providing us information about all those mosques that are missing from our list of  mosques so that we could come up with a comprehensive database of all UK  mosques.

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Support Us
We continue to passionately invest innumerable hours and maximum resources in the up and running of this site since we believe it is a great cause to work for.  However, in order to see this project come to fruition, we need your support. You could do this by advertising your business on this site. We would welcome donations from individuals and groups. You could also support us in ‘kind’ by providing us with some essential software, stationary and computer equipment. 

Please contact us to inform you how you could  support us, and be a part of this vital and historic project.

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